Dedicated Hosting

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What is dedicated hosting and why it should be dedicated hosting? Here is a brief review we provide.

What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated Hosting is a hosting service managed by a hosting provider, where a client can rent an entire server and will not share with anyone. This will provide more benefits than when a professional website only uses regular Shared Hosting. Because in one server there is only one hosting account and we are free to use it in accordance with our wants and needs.

Why Dedicated Hosting?

Usually the premium business owners will choose Dedicated hosting for their Priority Websites. The reason is because the owner of this website will have full rights to the server that he leases, including to choose operations, hardware used and so forth.

Another reason is because many business owners / websites are reluctant to be bothered again with technical things like the installation and configuration of their hosting server. Not to mention if there is trouble shooting to do related server performance. That is why priority websites would prefer to use dedicated hosting for their website.

Dedicated Hosting is also much chosen because in leased server will have a higher level of security than just a regular shared hosting. This is obviously the case, since one hosting account owned will actually occupy one server on its own, without being shared with third parties. That is why, a clear security guarantee can be given when using Dedicated Hosting. Dedicated Hosting does look different from a Shared Hosting in general, because on Dedicated Hosting we have to pay more than regular Shared Hosting. In terms of maintanance and maintenance costs entirely borne by the user, while the provider of Dedicated Hosting will be responsible in managing the hardware and also the network used.

Saat ini banyak provider hosting yang juga menawarkan Dedicated Hosting untuk pelanggan VVIP mereka. Tentu saja tujuannya untuk mendukung dan mununjang kenyamanan pelanggan dalam menggunakan layanan mereka. Salah satu yang menyediakan Dedicated Hosting di Indonesia adalah

Dari sini Anda bisa mulai menentukan apakah Anda akan menggunakan Shared Hosting biasa atau ingin beralih menggunakan Dedicated Hosting yang akan membuat website Anda menjadi lebih profesional dan juga premium. :)


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