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Understanding server hosting or also called Web Hosting or rental hosting is a rental place to accommodate the data required by a website so that it can be accessed via the Internet. Data here can be files, images, emails, applications or programs or scripts and databases.

Hosting berasal dari kata host, komputer yang terhubung dalam jaringan layanan ini sebagai solusi untuk menempatkan halaman-halaman web anda agar selalu online. Dengan demikian, kita tidak perlu menyediakan satu komputer khusus yang selalu online di kantor atau di rumah, melainkan cukup dengan bekerjasama dengan penyedia jasa hosting ini.

Server Hosting is:

Understanding Hosting can be likened to a kiosk or room at the Mall, Mall management rent out space, infrastructure, electricity, telephone and other facilities so people can open a business. Each kiosk can have different managers, as well as each decoration is different and operates in its own way. In this case the kiosk or rented room certainly has room restrictions; e.g. 10 meters x 6 meters and the maximum is the size of the Mall building.

Hosting providers like provide hardware, network (infrastructure), email (phone), and so you can make a website. Server (Mall building) can be inhabited by many customers, each customer has a limit of diskspace usage (space limitation) and of course every customer operates their own website.


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