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VPS Hosting is a Virtual Server That works using the Operating System on the server (VPS provider) to perform data storage process or work as a personal PC replacement. VPS itself stands for Virtual Private Server. VPS is usually a paid service that can be used if we have paid every month / year.

VPS in its simple pengelian is a computer or server that we have (After subscription) is not in our homes. We can at any time access it anywhere we want through the internet network. Like a PC / Laptop VPS can be installed software or for data storage. Globally VPS is often used for Cloud Computing, Software Bot, Running Software forex robot (for trading), etc.

VPS function according to the description above is clear that as a substitute and a helper of a device such as computers that can run for 24 hours without stopping, which can be used to save important data or run software that is realtime (As long as a subscription).

Specification of a VPS itself is various, both in terms of Hard disk, memorynya, type of processor, the choice of operating system (Windows / Linux / Other), and so forth. VPS is connected to the internet for 24 hours at high speed so that every user can easily access it. VPS is typically accessed via a personal computer using the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) software that is usually already available on WINDOWS system operations.

The downside of the VPS itself is a rather slow process of running it on a PC / laptop. This is usually due to the speed of internet users in accessing the VPS itself, while the VPS itself is working well and with high speed in the process to the internet.

We as users no longer need to care for this Virtual Server, because the company will take care of VPS regularly and upgrade the OS, RAM, and so on. So if you are interested to try it. You can easily find VPS providers in google from the most expensive to the relatively cheap. Usually it's expensive at least 50 $ -100 $ / month.

So far the discussion of Understanding VPS and Functions. Please add if anything is missing. Because the above understanding I make as short as possible to be easy to understand for a friend who just knew the VPS. Post the future I will try to give free VPS (Trial) which bsia my friend use to learn and try VPS.


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